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Summary of Roles

  • Super Admin – somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features. See the Create a Network article.
  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

Apache2 security user

When creating new folder/directories in the /var/www folder you will need to make sure the Apache2 service has read access.

In my limited experience this the user/group is www-data

You can change the owner of a folder using the “chown” command


Chmod and Chown

Chmod is used to change the permission for the current owner, group and other

Chown is used to change the owner, group and other

u – User who owns the file.
g – Group that owns the file.
o – Other.
a – All.
r – Read the file.
w – Write or edit the file.
x – Execute or run the file as a program.

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